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On Long Lake
18477 Escape Lane
Burtrum, MN 56318
320-285-4305 barbdon@meltel.com
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Leisure Resort and Campgrounds is on Long Lake just north of Grey Eagle, Minnesota and offers you a relaxing, quiet vacation in the middle of  farming country.  This is an area of small communities with  many family activities available at the resort or nearby ...... fishing and water sports, community celebrations, tennis, golf, bowling, drive-in movie theater, and more.

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DNR test net results are available
upon request

Long Lake is a small lake of approximately 400 acres. Like most lakes in this area, it is fairly deep. The deepest spot being 63 feet.  The lake produces many varieties of fish such as northern, walleye, bass, sunfish, crappies, etc.  You'll also enjoy watching the variety of wildlife the lake has to offer, such as loons, herons, muskrats, etc.

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